An Enzo lines up behind a LaFerrari, but watch how they take on this epic hill climb

You know you must have something special on your hands when a Ferrari Enzo can be upstaged. In this case, the Enzo is the wingman to no less than a Ferrari LaFerrari.
This great video has Marchettino ripping around the hills above the ocean in one of these stunning driving machines, with an F50 hot on its heels. The car drives likes it is on rails, hugging the curves as it sprints away from the wondrous sound of the V-12 exhaust note.
The LaFerrari or F150 is an incredibly rare hybrid supercar built in Italy by the legendary Ferrari. With a dry weight of only 2,767 pounds and a six liter V-12 mated to an electric motor, it produces an astonishing 950 HP and 665 lb./ft. of torque.
Ferrari says all this power can propel the car to a top speed of over 217 mph with a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds it can do 0-186 mph in only 15 seconds. As Car and Driver so eloquently states it is basically a ground-bound fighter jet.
The over-windshield perspective lends a sense of how much power is contained under the classic red bonnet and gives a fantastic view of the action as they push the car far past where the average driver is comfortable.
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