Skip to 2:15 and listen to the exhaust note on this perfectly captured 0-200 kph launch

Want to see the 2015 Lamborghini entry-level supercar, the Huracán, in action? Check out the video below. Its lines are angular and sexy, its sounds seductive, its instrument panel reminiscent of a stealth fighter cockpit and its interior as luxurious as it is intense.
Today’s supercars cost as much as a comfortable home in most cities, and they are often considered an indulgence for the privileged. Capable of speeds more than three times the national limit, it’s easy to question the practicality of such a purchase. However, whether you are someone who dreams big, or maybe you’re already there, such a purchase is the pinnacle that allows you to know you’ve made it into the big leagues. Just breathe it all in as you listen to the screams of the 2015 Huracán’s 5.2L V10 engine roaring down a stretch of deserted highway.
While still unquestionably a luxury, supercars have become friendlier to everyday use thanks to changeable drive modes. As a bonus, they’ve also been designed with greater comfort in mind. While the all-wheel drive Huracán bears a top speed of 202 mph, you can just as effectively drive it around town. The Huracán features a 7-speed dual clutch auto transmission that takes you to 65 mph at the top of the second gear. Shifts are seamless; never harsh or clunky. The throttle tip-in is perfectly in tune for city and highway driving, and launch control can be engaged for those opportunities when you can really open this beast up.
Don’t let the fuel efficiency (or perhaps lack of fuel efficiency) of a V10 scare you off. The Huracán runs on just five cylinders under light loads, with cylinders in constant flux to assure equal wear. You’ll be rolling along on 20-inch Pirelli P Zero tires to give you maximum traction for at-the-limit driving. According to Lamborghini, you’ll fly from 0-62 mph in just 3.2 seconds; 0-124 mph in 9.9 seconds.
You’ve worked hard, sacrificed, and maybe it’s time for a little “me” time. Maybe that time should include the indulgence of a Lamborghini Huracán.
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